This season we’ve realized that the time is now to start making the best decisions for our businesses. We’ve learned that rules and industry standards were not made for our best interests. And we’ve learned that the safety programs we’ve relied on aren’t working.

As gym owners and coaches, we need solutions that are less restrictive so our businesses can grow, but also offer the best value for safety, insurance, and training.

At the Global Cheer and Dance League, we’ve heard your cries for change! The Global Cheer and Dance League was created to promote growth and profitability and recognize that no two gyms or studios are the same. The League is for Everyone!

The Global Cheer and Dance League is a governing body that offers a variety of membership solutions without restricting your business opportunities for growth and profitability.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Global Cheer and Dance League is a non-profit governing body in the cheer and dance industry. We offer insurance solutions, background checks, training, judges reviews, community opportunities, scoring, and industry support to cheerleading programs and dance studios who would like a better solutions than what is currently offered in the industry.

We’ve teamed up with the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU), the largest sports authority in the nation, to offer safety guidelines, training programs, sports accident insurance, general liability insurance, and background checks for your coaches for an incredible price! Sign Up for an AAU Membership and then Sign Up for a Global League Membership to Receive ALL the Benefits!

The Global Cheer and Dance League is a TRUE Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Organization. We do NOT own an event company. The Global Cheer and Dance League’s mission is to help cheerleading programs and dance studios grow without applying restrictive processes and protocols that are not in your best interests.
Global League divisions are offered at hundreds of incredible events across the country, with participating event producers such as Cheer Max, The Crown, Star Spirit, Apex Championships, XCX, US Cheer Productions, Americheer, UCE, Cheer and Dance Extreme, Maximum Cheer and Dance, Victory, Rockstar, Celebrity Championships, Redline Championships, and State Fair Spirit Classic! Check Out Our Events Page for Dates and Locations!
League Scoring Options provide the flexibility your program needs to grow, including less restrictive scoring options and less restrictive team requirements! No need to revise your routines! Our scoring systems offers flexibility and freedom to compete your current routine at Global League Events or Standard Events!
The Global Cheer and Dance League offers an online community for Gym Owners and Coaches, and a separate community for parents. You can collaborate, network, and ask questions in a safe and secure environment! When you register for membership, you will receive an invite to join the community!